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Our Seven Favorite Pieces of Discount Damiani Jewelry

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Our Seven Favorite Pieces of Discount Damiani Jewelry 

Damiani is a designer jewelry brand which has been running since 1924 and over the years, the name has earned significance in the world of luxury jewelry due to the excellence and finesse in every piece the brand has to offer. Their handmade designs are available for all kinds of different occasions for people with varying tastes. This brand was started initially by an Italian family and they incorporate their traditional patterns in their jewelry to this day. You will see ultra-modern designs with an elegant blend of traditional Italian patterns which makes their jewelry unique.

Damiani jewelry is equally beautiful whether it is a men’s or women’s. They make sure to add the ‘femme’ in every necklace, ring, etc. that they make for women but on the other hand, their men’s jewelry is equally suitable for their gender. Many international stars and celebrities have purchased some of their most prized possessions at Damiani as it is a brand that offers so much style and taste for the price you pay. With 90 years in their account of experience, they have perfected their art of presenting special handmade jewelry. Even after serving three different generations, it looks like Damiani will only get better with time.

Here are some of our favorite discount Damiani jewelry pieces which are just a small sampling of everything that is available at

  1. Diamiani D. Icon, Ladies VS1 G Diamond Ring in 18k Rose and White Gold size 7.

This ring is a simplistic piece in white with gold pattern which makes it look both sophisticated yet very stylish.

  1. Damiani D. Side Brad Pitt.09 CT diamond necklace in 18k white gold 32”:

This beautiful 32” necklace looks very fascinating because of the diamond and any man can carry it off. It is suitable for men of all ages as well.

  1. Damiani D. Side Brad Pitt’s Men.09 CT Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold size 11:

Yet another beautiful diamond band in yellow gold, which can be worn at various occasions and it can be used as a wedding gift as well.

  1. Dimiani Damianissima diamond and onyx bracelet in sterling silver:

This chain bracelet is a perfect way to add to a formal dress-up. It is quite simple yet it gives off the “it” factor with its catchy appearance. Each Damiani bracelet is equipped with a peculiar design.

  1. Damiani Metropolitan dream diamond necklace in 18 carat pink gold:

Yet another genius piece by Damiani is meant to be worn at almost any occasion. The bright pink gold makes it look very high-end as well as fashionable.

  1. Damiani Diamond necklace in 18 karat white gold:

This elegant diamond necklace is a delicate design for women, which can be worn on various occasions without losing its charm. It has a very eye-catching design that one cannot simply ignore.  Regular price is $10,790, sale price is $3999!

  1. Damiani Damianissima earrings in 18 karat pink & white gold:

Retail is $4,390 but is offering this discount Daminai jewelry at just $1399! Not only are they a great buy, but these earrings also show off how much effort and beauty Damiani Jewelry puts into each and every piece. The touch of pink gold on white makes them look so exquisite!

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